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5 Reasons You Need to See a Travel Consultant – Light Height

5 Reasons You Need to See a Travel Consultant

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October 31, 2018
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5 Reasons You Need to See a Travel Consultant

Looking to go on vacation with your family to have the most memorable and enjoyable experience ever? Going on a business trip to a place you’ve never been to before? Or something came up and you just have to make that trip with little or no knowledge of your destination? Relax, travel consultants have got you covered.
Who is a travel consultant? A travel consultant is that person who has in depth knowledge of a specific clime or area and who uses this insight to help visiting tourists have the best experience during their stay. A travel consultant is also well informed about current trends and happenings and uses that information to the benefit of his clients. In a nutshell, a travel consultant points you in the right direction.
Now that you know who a travel consultant is, we will now answer the obvious question: do you really need a travel consultant? This article explains in detail why you need them.

To be a travel consultant means that such a person is a veteran in the field. It means that that person’s knowledge of a place is founded not upon hearsay or internet fiction but on years of actually living in the place, interfacing with the people and the good, bad and ugly it has to offer; basically, the consultant offers first-hand experience. This is more than a tad better than relying on the internet to show you around or travel agents with little knowledge to work with. With travel consultants, it is therefore easy for you to blend into the new society because your interests and preferences are prioritized so that you can get the best value.

You may have noticed the mention of travel agents earlier, well, those exist too. But one major difference between a travel agent and a travel consultant is that while one is geared towards getting you the best bargains the other is more concerned about the value you get out of it. Travel consultants tend to uphold the maxim that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well and your satisfaction is paramount amongst other things. So they go the extra mile to understanding your likes and dislikes, previous travel experiences, allergies, preferred weather conditions, etc. just to get you the very best. You won’t get this sort of customized service from the internet or from a travel agent who is more or less an agent for the supplier of the service.

Travel consultants are also known for having a good rapport with firms, associates, companies, lodgings, leisure centres, etc. They keep this information and use it whenever there is cause to. So you have in just one person the passport to reach what may have seemed unreachable and achieve seemingly impossible feats. They basically bridge the gap between your needs and the fulfilment of same, thereby ensuring that your travel experience is better than good. So wouldn’t you rather work with someone with impressive ‘street knowledge’ and access into the crannies of the city you are visiting than go all the way just by yourself? Certainly, getting the services of a travel consultant is great gain.

A little has already been said in relation to this but now in more detail. We all have dreams, aspirations, expectations, goals…or whatever you may choose to call it. And for every single one of these we plan to get the best out of it (or don’t you agree?) Now if that’s the case, you would definitely want to get the best travel experience – starting from the airport till you bid the city goodbye. Travel consultants are all about offering services that achieve just this. They are not interested in commissions that come off deals they make for you, they are interested in how satisfied you are at every given point in time. YOU come first, not the demands of business and the tendency to make one focus solely on profits. How do they do this? They take out time to understand you and what you are willing to spend and they make the best out of it. They even go out of their way to use their connections to get you even more than what your cheque covers. Now that’s something.

To round this off, every point that has been made leads to this final one, best deals. Using the in depth knowledge they have, the drive to offer nothing but value, the priceless connections with various service suppliers, coupled with a passionate desire to please their clients, travel consultants eventually broker the best deals. Since what’s best may differ from client to client, it therefore comes down to how satisfied the client is after all is said and done. It is never about the service suppliers or them (the consultants) it is about you—the client. The bottom line
You could of course opt to handle your travel by yourself but be prepared to put in the time, effort and resources required which may not even guarantee total success; or you could opt for a travel consultant to make the process seamless and memorable. The ball is in your court. Do kick it with your stronger foot.

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